Business Plan

Your business plan is important to us and forms the starting point of your investment application to NEL. If it looks like an eligible proposition for us we will be happy to discuss it in further detail via an initial meeting between you and one of our team.

If you have not yet prepared your plan but would like to discuss your ideas for business growth with one of the investment team, please feel free to contact us.

Next Steps

Once we have received your business plan, it will be subject to an initial assessment by one of our executives before going in front of the wider team for a peer review. This process is internal to NEL and we will not disclose the contents of your business plan to anyone else without your permission.

Your investment executive will explain the investment process in more detail at this stage. The process from submission of the business plan to formal completion should take up to 8 weeks for mezzanine type investments and up to 12 weeks for equity transactions which require legal advisors to be appointed.

Post Investment

Post investment, we will provide support and advice to assist the growth of your company and to maximise the return for all concerned.